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Man - Disability - Society


The journal provides a forum for the exchange of theoretical and empirical thinking in the area of philosophy, medical, social, legal, psychological and pedagogical sciences (especially in the area of special pedagogical education). Interdisciplinary approach to disability and social dysfunction, present in a contemporary research referred to as "disability studies", creates an opportunity for a comprehensive overview of both specific and commonly shared problems of the disabled in the socio-cultural context in which they live.



The journal, is primarily addressed to scientists, students and professionals dealing with disability and social maladjustment, but also for readers interested in the wider social issues. Here are published theoretical articles and dissertations, research studies, conference and other national and international events‘ proceedings, reviews of the leading Polish and foreign magazines discussing the issue of disability as well as peer-reviews and polemics. The journal publishes original materials, not previously published (the only exceptions are foreign reprints of valuable papers). An interesting innovation is a glossary in Polish and English, which covers definitions and explanations of basic concepts presented in the current issue of the journal.

The journal has the score awarded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education – 20 points (item 27718 on the list) and  is indexed in CEJSH, ERIH PLUS, IC Journal Master List, WCOSJ. The journal’s printed version is the primary (reference) version.

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